Working to make the world a better place through art, culture and social justice?

Durable Creative can make your job easier.

I admit it. I’m really into people and organizations that are audacious enough to want to do meaningful work, bring art, culture, information and resources to communities — and maybe even change the world.

Bold goals, empathy, an “of-course” sense of sustainability, disruptive technologies, new ways of working, uncompromising ethics. It’s dizzyingly cool when people just “get it”. But when it comes down to brass tacks, all the zeal and innovation isn’t going to go very far if the people you’re trying to reach don’t know what’s going on.
That’s where Durable comes in. I work with organizations to crystallize strategy and then I design and build the tools to make it happen. Web, print, branding, environmental graphics, integrated campaigns — whatever it takes to get your message straight to the brains of your audience and prime them to take action. You’ve got the drive to dive into thorny problems, I have the experience, creative and technical skills to help you tackle them while looking really amazing.

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